Daily Devotions

The Sword that Defeats

The sons of righteousness cannot displace the sons of unrighteousness on the earth until we win the battle in the realm of the spiritual heavenlies. The assistance of angels and of the intercession of the saints who already occupy the third heaven will be necessary.
warriorangelI like what my friend, Pastor Tim Sheets, calls the angels: “The Heir Force.” The angels of God, who are ministering spirits, are assisting the heirs of salvation (Hebrews 1:14). We, the sons of righteousness, are the heirs of the earth. The sons of darkness are false heirs, and they incessantly resist our agenda to advance the Kingdom of God in all the nations!
Our warfare manual instructs us that we must take up the sword in order to defeat the enemy. The sword is the Word of God. The Greek word here is rhema. This term refers to a specific revelatory word from the Lord which gives us the needed strategy in the battle. A rhema from God can come through a dream, vision, impression, inner witness, or a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. —Jim Hodges (Apostle Hodges will be speaking at Kingdom Congress Mar.5, 2020)

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