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Challenge to Adjust

We all have paradigms and they are in our mental files and they affect our choices and our expectations. So, the challenge is to realize when our examples and typical patterns need adjustment.  That realization does not come by focusing on the pattern, but rather by following the Holy Spirit.  The adjustments will come and we will build newer models as we walk in fresh obedience to the Holy Spirit.  Fresh obedience will never contradict God’s principles nor His character, but it may reach past known borders and it will not bow to former limitations. (Second excerpt from Kathy’s article “Fresh Obedience”)

June is For Choosing to Walk in The Right Way

The month of JUNE IS FOR CHOOSING TO WALK IN THE RIGHT WAY and making every decision to please God so we can bear fruit to His glory and have a rich experience in Him.  “We pray that you would walk in the ways of true righteousness, pleasing God in every good thing you do. Then you’ll become fruit-bearing branches, yielding to his life, and maturing in the rich experience of knowing God in his fullness!” (Col.1:10, TPT)

Choosing Life or Death

While there are open doors before us, there is, however, a process of decision-making that we must give ourselves to.  Jehovah’s instruction to prophet Jeremiah has embodied within it the matter of choosing. Jer. 21:8  “You shall also say to this people, ‘Thus says the LORD, “Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death.”  Deut. 30:19 plainly shows us that our God puts His power of command to us in hopes that we will choose life instead of death and choose blessing instead of a curse. We are not simply those who observe and experience the coming and the passing of days and calendar events. We have choices to make as to how those days, events and people affect us; we must make choices as to how we will affect those days, events and people. We can be bearers of life or of death, bearers of blessing or curses.  (Second excerpt from Marty’s article “Doors and Self-Government”)


Preventing Self-Sabotage

jumpintonet(Melissa G.) Because of Father’s mercy there is ALWAYS opportunity to live Plan A.  How? By becoming aware of how plan B is in effect in your life, and by letting Him process you out of it.  Sometimes our answers don’t come to immediate manifestation simply to keep us from self-sabotaging the outcome.  When God does a work it is complete.  If we have broken places that would cause the answer we are looking for to eventually fall apart (self-sabotage), He starts repairing the broken places first.  His intent is for us to be whole.  When we ask, He hears.  This may be why you seemingly have not received the answer you have been looking for.  God is faithfully and lovingly repairing the cracks in your foundation so the answer you’re waiting on completes the whole.  He gives the answers to us as we process out of what is trapping us.
(This is the eighth excerpt from Melissa Gabler’s article “Due Diligence Fear“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)


In the Face of the Inevitable

LionmouthtongueIt is difficult to even remember you have a choice when you are pinned to the ground and the inevitable, unavoidable and inescapable is in your face like a 400lb., full grown, male lion!  In a true safari record, a hunter shot a lion, but it kept coming and hit the man with a full-body-force lunge that slammed the man on his back and flung his rifle into the tall grass!  Nailed to the ground, the hunter was about to be eaten.  It was inevitable, unavoidable and inescapable, but the man CHOSE LIFE.  He stuck his hand in that monster’s gaping mouth and grabbed its tongue, twisted it and shoved it back into the lion’s throat.  The desperate grip kept the tongue at such an angle that the lion couldn’t even shut his jaw.  That hunter lay there, determined to follow through on his choice while the hot breath of his enemy filled his nostrils and thick saliva slimed down his arm and every bone in the man’s body vibrated under the growl of the glaring beast.  The man continued the choke-hold for forty-five minutes while his guide ran for the jeep and returned to run over the lion and kill it!  Choose Life, even in the face of the inevitable, unavoidable and inescapable.

(This is the ninth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Continuing to Choose Life“ which was published in SEEC Magazine -Volume 19 Issue 6. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)


Retraining Choice

TrainingLeopardSince choice can be an automatic reflex, we must train ourselves to CHOOSE  LIFE.  Of course, re-training ourselves is not a stroll in the park.  Re-training is never easy because we can’t take down-time to work on it.  Re-training happens during real-life problems that just can’t be scheduled.  They never come at a good time. Hell’s attacks are never fair.  It is very difficult to contradict your emotions, especially when you’ve cried enough to salt a creek and used enough Kleenex to rub your nose right off your face.  How do you choose life when you are dealing with relationship issues with someone who won’t even try?  How do you choose life when you’re weary because you’ve already made that choice for months, for years, yet you are still smothering in changelessness?  It’s difficult to choose life, again and again, when you’re still in the grip of pain and it’s taunting you daily. But in spite of difficulty we must CHOOSE LIFE in order to bring CHANGE in our lifetime.

KATHY GABLER brings an encouraging word in this 3min. audio file.
“He is putting gates in your fences.”

Continuing to Choose Life

Chooselife(By Kathy G.) Some cocoons (entrapped, tough times in life) are common for many people, but we also have our customized cocoons, those tough times that are unique to us.  These come from matters that need resolve in our soul, like you may be having to work on a relationship that was damaged by jealousy or fear or anger.  Or you may be having to deal with problems you inherited, ongoing battles from choices made four generations ago.  Perhaps your forerunners  didn’t choose life and blessings and it caused  them to end up with a view of marriage that’s bound to fail.  So the next generation has to work through the trickle-down issues of divorce.  Or a generation made wrong career choices and bankrupted the whole family causing  poverty  conditions and limitations for decades.  Or a generation chose death and curses, deciding to be lawless, and the ripple effect undermined character to the point that a family or community or culture is cocooned in corruption. Can our struggles really be related to our purpose and our future when we can’t see any connection to either? We need to CHOOSE LIFE and bring CHANGE in our lifetime, and even expect change to ripple back to the previous generation.

(This is the first excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Continuing to Choose Life“ which was published in SEEC Magazine -Volume 19 Issue 6 [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)



Choices That Contradict Feelings

ArrowsOpposingIf we go to God for a deposit of His peace and wisdom, we can make a choice that contradicts our feelings.  That doesn’t mean you are giving up strategy and resolve, it means you’re just choosing not to stay UPSET while it comes.  To stay upset is to CHOOSE death because your body will suffer, relationships will suffer and “emotional reactions” will become KING in the house and set an atmosphere that draws more upset.
Let’s recap: 1) Cocoons are tough times but can be used to process and develop and grow.  2) Choice is the best weapon for conquering the challenges of tough times.  3) CHOOSING  LIFE and wisdom will bring God results out of life cocoons.

(This is the last excerpt from Kathy’s article “Choose Life“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)

9th Annual Kingdom Equipping Congress
March 2-4, 2016
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Choices Affect Others

Choices Affect Others (Kathy)

Whether we choose to live Spirit-led or self-absorbed, there is undeniable evidence or fruit of either choice.  The fruit of the Spirit, the results of His presence and priority in our lives, is not just a good idea; it is essential for life and relationship.  Fruit like goodness and kindness are not optional any day.  It is not okay to go where you don’t have to be kind.  It is dangerous Choicesto get used to living without affection, cheerfulness, calm delight and forbearing patience.  We dare not go where self-control has no voice in our decisions and choices. It is not okay to live unrestrained, forcing your way in life and refusing to be sensitive to the Spirit of God because if you do, the long range results are bitter to the bite.  

Leaving God out of our choices, we create a void within self.  Actually we create a monster that can draw demons and destruction, and we can become a host to darkness that will affect our health, our lifestyle and every relationship we have.  Covenant bonds like family and friends suffer our choices and our darkness.  Wrong choices undermine us and get us out of position for purpose.  Our place of authority on the wall of our sphere of influence is left wide open, leaving not only self, but everyone in our world vulnerable to destructive forces.  People who live their own way without regard for wisdom or others don’t seem to realize that self-destruction is never limited to self.  It is impossible to go away and privately self destruct.  When has any suicide ever been a private matter that left no pain or problems for others and left no residue on other lives?  Living self-absorbed is being out of position for purpose.  Ultimately, living self-focused is bowing to limitation, living like a captive and self-destructing.  The problem with wallowing in self-destruction is that its suffocating mud gets on everyone close.

Concerning The Kingdom Conference * March 6-8, 2013

Dr. Don Crum will be bring more teaching on “Royal Dynasty”

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