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Choices Affect Others

Choices Affect Others (Kathy)

Whether we choose to live Spirit-led or self-absorbed, there is undeniable evidence or fruit of either choice.  The fruit of the Spirit, the results of His presence and priority in our lives, is not just a good idea; it is essential for life and relationship.  Fruit like goodness and kindness are not optional any day.  It is not okay to go where you don’t have to be kind.  It is dangerous Choicesto get used to living without affection, cheerfulness, calm delight and forbearing patience.  We dare not go where self-control has no voice in our decisions and choices. It is not okay to live unrestrained, forcing your way in life and refusing to be sensitive to the Spirit of God because if you do, the long range results are bitter to the bite.  

Leaving God out of our choices, we create a void within self.  Actually we create a monster that can draw demons and destruction, and we can become a host to darkness that will affect our health, our lifestyle and every relationship we have.  Covenant bonds like family and friends suffer our choices and our darkness.  Wrong choices undermine us and get us out of position for purpose.  Our place of authority on the wall of our sphere of influence is left wide open, leaving not only self, but everyone in our world vulnerable to destructive forces.  People who live their own way without regard for wisdom or others don’t seem to realize that self-destruction is never limited to self.  It is impossible to go away and privately self destruct.  When has any suicide ever been a private matter that left no pain or problems for others and left no residue on other lives?  Living self-absorbed is being out of position for purpose.  Ultimately, living self-focused is bowing to limitation, living like a captive and self-destructing.  The problem with wallowing in self-destruction is that its suffocating mud gets on everyone close.

Concerning The Kingdom Conference * March 6-8, 2013

Dr. Don Crum will be bring more teaching on “Royal Dynasty”

Speakers: Marty, Kathy & Melissa Gabler, Jim Hodges, Dr, Don Crum, Simon Purvis, Jim Becton  * More info: CLICK HERE


SEEC Ministries Website: seecministries.org

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