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Challenge to Adjust

We all have paradigms and they are in our mental files and they affect our choices and our expectations. So, the challenge is to realize when our examples and typical patterns need adjustment.  That realization does not come by focusing on the pattern, but rather by following the Holy Spirit.  The adjustments will come and we will build newer models as we walk in fresh obedience to the Holy Spirit.  Fresh obedience will never contradict God’s principles nor His character, but it may reach past known borders and it will not bow to former limitations. (Second excerpt from Kathy’s article “Fresh Obedience”)

Obedience and the Different Path

A paradigm is simply an example or a typical pattern.  We all have them in our mental files and they affect our choices and our expectations.  They become our standard or ruler to measure rightness or success.  These former models or expected patterns can set our goals and be our driving force whether we realize it or not.  For example, we go to church and expect to find the model we have known in the past.  Even if that model is flawed or should be changing, maturing and growing, we measure its rightness by the known pattern.
We must keep in mind that paradigms come from experience.  That means they were built in a past season or a specific situation or a particular set of circumstances; and just as seasons, situations and circumstances change, it is likely that our paradigms will have to adjust.  If they don’t, former examples and patterns will continue to drive us even when obedience or excellence would go a different path. (First excerpt from Kathy’s article “Fresh Obedience”)