Daily Devotions

Jesus Exposes Darkness

Kathy — I believe it is essential that we know and teach the word and thereby expose and destroy the works of darkness. Nothing was ever created in hell. All hell can do is misuse God’s stuff. So, I pray we realize there is no need to forfeit God’s stuff just because it has been perverted or misused by lovers of LightDarkTunneldarkness. Even if warfare does not end quickly in this present darkness, the ground taken in each battle is an investment for future wars and wins. 1Jn.3:8, Amplified — “The one who practices sin [separating himself from God, and offending Him by acts of disobedience, indifference, or rebellion] is of the devil [and takes his inner character and moral values from him, not God]; for the devil has sinned and violated God’s law from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.”
(Kathy will be speaking about “The Kingdom and The Awakening” at Kingdom Congress 2021. Kingdom Congress…. For What is to Come. The full schedule of KC2021 and all other pertinent information may be seen at martygabler.com/kc2021/)

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