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Wisdom of Boundaries

(Kathy Gabler) — If anyone ever feels like God sets boundaries to demean or be unjust or cruel, they need some vitamin “G” as in “G”row up!  He sets boundaries wisely to set the stage for the truest expression of commitment, respect and honor in a lifetime.  It takes self-government to work within boundaries and that self-government develops maturity and character.  Character is a matter of righteous values and moral strength.  Character is essential to taste true fulfillment in your lifetime.  It will take character to keep you wherever purpose takes you.  I’ve known really gifted and skilled people who lost everything because they did not have the self-government and character to honor boundaries and protocol in relationships or career or finances or health.

Desires by God

(Simon Purvis) — All the basic desires on the deep inside are put there by God, but we were created for all these subconscious desires to be under the government of God.  What makes these desires evil is that we put them under the charge of self to be fulfilled.  Subconscious self-rule can run our lives even if we are saying otherwise.  Desires from God can become evil if left to self to fulfill. God never intended our character and holiness to be from our conscious decisions.  He intended something to be built down on the inside of us, our inner being, our subconscious, that we would live out of because it is who we are.  It is not trying to be anything, rather, “I just am.”  Under the government of God, we don’t have to try to be happy, we just are.  God did not intend for us to strive through life to make choices to be happy or patient or kind.  All of this was meant to flow out of the subconscious without a thought from the conscious.  He never intended us to live our lives out by thinking about being holy, secure or happy.  Those must come from the subconscious. (SIMON  PURVIS is speaking at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018  March 7-9. Grace International 936-856-2455)
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Doors and Self-Government

Many times the future is depicted by a picture of an open door. The way to the future, to fulfillment, to victories, to glorifying the Name of the Most High God is open before us now—wide open. There are open doors before us to take us where we have never been before. We will go through those doors and be successful because the Kingdom purposes of God for us in our generation will propel us there to glorify His Name. (First excerpt from Marty’s article “Doors and Self-Government”)


One Take on John 3:16

I offer this take on Jn.3:16:  “For God so loved His created order of people and things that He gave His only Begotten Son, so people might receive His loving government, to bring them back into His order, to preserve their life as it was originally meant to be before they gave themselves over to a lifestyle of disorder.” (Jn.3:16, my paraphrase)  This might be helpful in understanding what sin is:  to live a lifestyle of decision-making and acts that disengage us from God’s very best; disengaging from fulfillment which shows His purpose for us by what is lived out in our life. But, we can receive Jesus and be brought into His redemptive order. We are praying you discover daily that you are engaging in God’s order in every aspect of your life.  (Marty’s Daily Discovery as heard on www.txpraise.com at the bottom of the hour 24hrs/day.)


The Speck in my Eye

How is it that there are people who zealously demand good government, they judge and vehemently criticize national government, and government in others, when they don’t even practice sound government in their own life?   This might be an area where it is actually valid to use the scripture “judge not lest you be judged” (Matt.7:1); or even consider not trying to see past the log in your eye to attempt to remove the speck in someone else’s eye or the eye of national government (Matt.7:3). It seems that the people who have the least desirable lives (by the standards of Biblical righteousness) are making the loudest protests against any persons or entities that might possibly help to bring them into check. Is it possible that if individuals walked in sound self-government, the government of the nation would look a whole lot different and be a great deal more efficient? Maybe it would be advisable to fix what is wrong at home before we go next door to our neighbor to fix theirs.

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Self-Government is Not a Gift of the Spirit

Self-government (Gal.5:23) is a FRUIT of the Spirit, not a GIFT of the Spirit. Self-government is not something one gets by a dove dropping down upon one or by a chill-producing experience in an altar service or prayer line. Nor is self-government something we wait for to take us over. It is, rather, a moment-by-moment, circumstance-by-circumstance willful aligning ourselves with God’s Word. Self-governing serves to prevent our returning to the entanglements and yoke of bondage that we have once been freed from (v.1). Christ has set us free by the unsurpassed provisions of His superior Government, and because we have His Spirit of power dwelling in us, we are enabled to walk in a manner which displays the fact.


Getting Over the Hump

HumpinroadMay the people of God reach that point which takes them over the
frustrating hump of not realizing goals. And may they experience
the sweetness of desire fulfilled while maintaining self-government
and the precepts of biblical values.

”A fulfilled desire is sweet to the soul, but turning
from evil is disgusting to fools.” (Prov.13:19, GW)