Daily Devotions

Signs And Wonders And Kingdom Thinking


Signs And Wonders And Kingdom Thinking (Kathy Gabler)

Kingdom thinking is not just the latest spiritual fad. That is where Adam and Eve started.  The garden  reflected the desire and design of God, the security and peace of God’s order and the potential of God to flourish in calling and purpose and fulfillment.  They lived in the righteousness, peace and joy that is the Kingdom (Rom14:17).  God’s will was being done on earth as it was in heaven!  When Adam and Eve chose to do their will on earth instead of His, that separated mankind from Kingdom thinking, and Kingdom thinking became the exception instead of the rule, until, the King of Kings, Jesus, the Last Adam (1Co15:45), restored what was lost and brought it within reach again.
(Word Concerning USA and Israel * CLICK HERE To Listen)

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