Daily Devotions

Signs, Wonders And Hearing

Signs, Wonders And Hearing (Kathy)
Recently, our daughter Melissa heard during worship, “It’s time to exhale.” She felt it was God in the moment and stepped up and released those words in song.  To her it was simply a proclamation to put in the atmosphere, but it was a sign and wonder to a pulmonary doctor in the congregation.   He was so excited he went to the pastor to tell him that the song was healing instructions for a patient of his that was also there in the service.  It was a sign and wonder to the patient also.  (She’d had a tracheotomy).  
Hearing instruction and obeying the instructions are the basic essentials for miracles, signs and wonders.  It is highly possible that the instructions will be as unique as the participants.  Mozart heard a unique sound and gave instructions to the instruments for the sound of light being created during creation in Genesis.  When the orchestra played his music, supernaturally, light came up out of the orchestra pit and the audience was frightened with the sign and wonder.  Isaiah didn’t just get up one day and decide to become The Nude Wonder-Boy, he was following instruction and obeying God for a governmental turnover in a nation.  Elisha hadn’t practiced throwing a stick in lakes to make iron swim, but he had practiced hearing God. When he heard God in the moment, the axe miraculously floated. 

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