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STAGING AND SUDDENLIES. There is a staging going on in the spirit realm. God is processing and placing people and things in proper order so that His purposes are fulfilled by the moving of His hand. What will seem like suddenlies will come into being because of God’s careful staging of the events long before they manifested. Some of the frustration people are dealing with is the lack of their knowledge of what God is doing behind the veil which is beyond their comprehension and beyond their preoccupying worries. Just because we cannot comprehend the actions of an all-wise God while many voices of judgment and despair are speaking, doesn’t mean that this God is inactive or withholding His actions. The whole world was in turmoil while Noah was able to hear God’s preparation plan for his family.

What’s it Gonna Look Like?

Free MangerMelissa — I was praying over a situation, sometime back, for which I had no answers and could do nothing about.  As soon as I prayed I heard, “Now, let go of all of your ideas of how this thing needs to be worked out and let Me have it.” As we head into Christmas and a new year may we lay down every weight, worry, and preconceived idea of what the will of God should look like in our current situations and leave it in the capable hands of the One Whose birth we are celebrating! Have a very Merry Christmas and may you find peace unspeakable in the decision to trust the One who already set us free.

A Communication Tool

Dreams can also be a communication tool that is a disclosure within ourselves, between our subconscious and conscious mind.  Though these dreams may not be a telegram from God, they can still be sanctioned by a God-purpose for our life. These type dreams can help us “work out our own salvation,” by revealing issues that are causing dysfunction or lack or sickness. 

These dreams spring from our senses, concerns, questions, thoughts, choices, emotions, desires and imaginings, “dreams which you cause to be dreamed” (Jer.29:8) or they spring from memories, beliefs, values, worries, fears, stresses, etc., “dreams come when there are many cares” (Ecc. 5:3).  A common disclosure dream is that you are back in school, but can’t find your class, or you didn’t bring your homework, or you forgot your clothes!  In either case, the disclosure of what is going on inside is that you are dealing with feelings of being unequipped or inadequate or you are fearing failure or humiliation, etc.  –Kathy Gabler
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Wallowing In Worries Or Working With The Holy Spirit?

Wallowing In Worries Or Working With The Holy Spirit?
In our worries and concerns and fears, we tend to allow our focus to get fixed upon them. There is also the tendency to omit prayer and declaration and just discuss the negative factors with others who are aggravated and worried and operating out of fear like we are. We then begin to wallow in the impossibilities those things threaten and we forget about the One who is on stage to act in behalf of the Kingdom purposes of Almighty God. Yes, satan has come to steal, kill and destroy BUT JESUS has come to give life more abundantly. (Jn 10:10) And don’t forget that where sin did abound, grace did MUCH MORE abound. (Rom 5:20) The Holy Spirit is present and active in this earth to represent the program of Almighty God but there must be hearts and minds in tune with His will and purpose.

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