Daily Devotions

Dealing With Accusation

Melissa—How do you deal with accusation if you feel like this is a force against you? The message I heard offered 4 steps to deal with the power of accusation.  (Important note: This force was built using words so you will need to use words to break it.)

1. Forgive and bless.  Things won’t change if you don’t forgive.  Wash your accuser with blessing.  “I’m asking you to bless them, their family. May your mercy come on them.”  Forgiveness and blessing are foundational for victory.

2. Realize and confess you do the same thing.  If you don’t confess you won’t have the authority to break it over yourself.  Simply ask for forgiveness then break your words off of people.  Don’t worry about going down the list of everyone you know to break words off of them.  The Holy Spirit will bring faces before you if there are specific things you need to break.  Also, it would do good for all of us to realize we have accused ourselves of all sorts of things.  I feel it’s important to break those words we’ve spoken over ourselves!

3. Be grateful.  Gratitude is important because it is the opposite of resentment.  Begin to think of the things you can give thanks for and let it out of your mouth.

4. Break those words off of your life.  This is a curse (witchcraft) sent against you (Galatians 5:19-20). You have to break it.
We are at a threshold of phenomenal breakthrough and I believe this is one big nasty force that is trying to keep us out of the next season.  It can’t.  It is not as powerful as the original intent of God.  So, if you don’t break through you just keep working at it! Be vigilant and keep working at it until you have victory because victory is God’s original intent for you.

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