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Instructions to Invest Prayer

Kathy—As I read Ps.81, I wondered,”Why am I hearing these things?” Immediately, I heard, “So you can invest prayer toward these changes in My Church.” My instructions continued,  “Pray, the changes and results be undeniable.  Pray that tomorrow will manifest what I initiate today in heart-thinking and in conversations and in angel assignments.  Pray that opposition and interference on every level be sabotaged in the night between today and tomorrow’s manifestation.  Pray that speedy and prevailing works of righteousness and justice be witnessed and understood so that the fear of the Lord will come upon people and their families and their nations and their generations.


Kathy — In Heb.3:9-10, it goes on to tell us that when the Israelites were in the wilderness, they saw God do awesome works and miracles for them; yet they hardened their hearts and REFUSED to learn His ways. I’ve thought many times, ‘What was wrong with those people?’ But when I read it recently, I suddenly realized how simply we can harden our hearts. We just refuse to LISTEN to God during a trial! Ps.85:8, TPT — “Now I’ll listen carefully for your voice and wait to hear whatever you say. Let me hear your promise of peace—the message every one of your godly lovers longs to hear. Don’t let us in our ignorance turn back from following you.”