Daily Devotions

A Big Churning

Melissa—I feel something big churning as of late. I believe this discernment is about getting ready for what lies ahead in the remainder of the year.  I believe that the latter part of this year is very significant to how we enter the coming year. As I write this I see a picture of the American flag being raised by brave Marines at Iwo Jima during World War II. In researching this battle this statement stuck out, “The battle was won by the inch-by-inch tenacity of the foot soldier,” (Iwojima com).  The coming months will be won “by the inch-by-inch tenacity of the foot soldier,” as we battle right now. For those that struggle with an all-or-nothing drive, (like me) the statement “inch-by-inch tenacity” can be almost devastating. I really prefer a battle being done in a one-glorious-moment tenacity! Here’s the thing with the remainder of this year, the inch-by-inch is going to lead to many glorious moments in the coming year. (More thoughts on this subject will be coming in posts in the next few days.) 

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