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Instructions to Invest Prayer

Kathy—As I read Ps.81, I wondered,”Why am I hearing these things?” Immediately, I heard, “So you can invest prayer toward these changes in My Church.” My instructions continued,  “Pray, the changes and results be undeniable.  Pray that tomorrow will manifest what I initiate today in heart-thinking and in conversations and in angel assignments.  Pray that opposition and interference on every level be sabotaged in the night between today and tomorrow’s manifestation.  Pray that speedy and prevailing works of righteousness and justice be witnessed and understood so that the fear of the Lord will come upon people and their families and their nations and their generations.

Embracing God’s Instructions With Character

Kathy — In the remainder of 2021, may we embrace God’s intent and instructions as our catalyst. At the same time, may we realize that the kryptonite to success is lack of cooperation in His sons/daughters; and the most common reason we are not ready to participate with God is because of the condition of our character. Is it ManHandBlockSunlack of training that leaves gaps in our character? Is it lack of healthy examples that weakens our character? Or does character corrupt in the breach between knowing the truth and living according to the truth we know? I think the latter is the heart of the matter. It moves the emphasis from lack and circumstance to diligence. We do not have to be perfect, but diligence is a requirement. “The hand of the diligent will rule”, Prov. 12:24. (NKJ) In business or ministry or government or family or the local garden club, we do not suffer a downfall because of other people. Neither do circumstances cause us to fall. Opposition does not cause us to fall. We build our own path to downfall. Bad choices, emotional decisions, wrong priorities and self-focused agendas can cause us to fail, but a downfall comes from a breach of character. 

Because Someone Said

Paul had a God-ordained appointment to get to. He was traveling in a ship that was in the middle of a storm and PointingTalkingthe ship was in danger of sinking. Other people were making decisions about that journey and about that ship and were saying things that were in agreement with what was apparent in the present set of circumstances. In Acts 27:17 experienced seamen were “fearing” and in v.20 things had escalated to the point that the report is “all hope was taken away”. In v.11 the centurion had already listened to something said by an experienced sea captain and was putting 276 people in peril for their lives and v.12 says “the majority favored the plan of putting to sea”. Experienced people and the majority put the loss of the ship and everyone’s life in peril because “someone said”. 

(This is the fourth excerpt from Marty’s article “By Others Or By Us?“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)
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