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They Will Anticipate Something

The coming generation will anticipate something. Who will give them something to ChildLookAhead.jpganticipate? Will they anticipate hopelessness or the possibilities of the God of the Bible? One of the biggest favors we can do the coming generation is to build anticipation into them, anticipation for the intervention of God, anticipation to see God do something no previous generation has ever seen. Every time people speak of tragedy and hopelessness, let us say to the coming generation, “BUT GOD….”. Let’s help them keep their anticipator alive and well and functioning at peak capacity. Let’s charge it up at every opportunity!

God Still Can

As the people of God assemble today, may they realize and be encouraged that what God Almighty did in the Bible He still can and will do today.    “Our God and King, You have ruled since ancient time; You have won victories everywhere on this earth.” (Ps.74:12, CEV)