Daily Devotions

Circle of Sameness

Sanballat, who was pointing the finger and doing the name-calling, was from a city of Moab. Great recommendation! What does he know about promise? Moab is the place in the Bible where all manner of murmuring went on. Furthermore, the foundation of the nation of Moab is incest (Gen 19:37). Incestuous thought cycles (thoughts that never receive any input from any other source) produce little or contaminated revelation which curses coming generations. There are people who only think thoughts that have been thought by their little group. They never receive anything from anyone outside their little circle of sameness. They rarely entertain a fresh thought.  Isn’t that just typical? Typically, the people who proclaim that “this” is not a move of God or “that” couldn’t be God wouldn’t know a move of God if it came down Main Street wearing a red hat!

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