Daily Devotions

He Will be the Last One Standing

Perhaps we could paraphrase Joel 2:25 like this:    “I will restore the years swallowed up because you did not realize the significance of MY purpose and StandingMountainLightdestiny in your life.  The circumstances were forces  that I used to change you,  to build character,  to build strength, to complete a work within you and to bring about the right timing and conditions for My purpose in you.”   Of course, when you are eating locusts without the honey and pulling crispy, creepy locusts shells out of your hair and swatting them away from your nose, eyes and ears, you wonder if you will be naked and half eaten or even be able to see the Redeemer who is coming.   If you dared open your mouth you would ask for His ETA.  However, that is the time to let the last line of Job 19:25, echo through you, “And at the last He will take His stand on the earth”.   He will have the last word and He will be the last one standing in our behalf.  So, let’s dare to trust Him to keep our accounts and wait for Him to show up as our Redeemer.  —Kathy Gabler 

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