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Webinars With Marty and Kathy

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Marty and Kathy Gabler are offering webinars for teaching the Word of God for the equipping of the saints. You can remain in the comfort of your home with your coffee mug or iced tea glass and receive training in the Word of God.

(Sort of like seminars but on the web. A modern, convenient way to take classes.)
The webinars will be live 30 minute sessions taught by Marty or Kathy Gabler and an opportunity for questions at the end.
You will be able to see the teacher and they will be able to see you.
Participants will be emailed a link that will enable them to join the webinar. You must have the link in order to view and participate in the class.

SCHEDULE  —  (Some will be free and some require a fee.)
The schedule will be listed here and on Marty’s Facebook page.
There will be some classes offered as a single session while other subjects will be offered as two, three, four or six week courses. Some of the six week courses will have a text book written by Marty or Kathy included in the fee. Fees may be paid online with a credit card.
Click this link to go to Marty’s Facebook page.

*** The First Free SEEC Institute Webinar with Marty Gabler will be July 1, 2019 at 7:00pm CDT USA. ***
………………….This is a FREE WEBINAR……………………….

The title of our first SEEC Institute Webinar is:
“The Word in Between”
Marty will be teaching on what happens between the door God closes and the one He opens. There is always a “Word in Between” if we are listening.
(It will likely be a two-parter for such a 
subject with Part 2 on
July 3, 2019 at 7:00pm CDT USA.)

For ALL information about the SEEC Institute Webinars CLICK HERE
or click the SEEC Institute tab at the top of this page.

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