Daily Devotions

Jehovah Making up for the Years

Holy Scripture says that Jehovah will restore what the locusts have eaten. (Joel 2:25) handtoeyeslookingHe will make up for those times that no matter how many bugs you killed, they kept coming.  He will restore those years it took to fight and endure the swarming  circumstances.   He will make up for the time it took for circumstances to consistently strip away your strength and hope.  He will make up for all those mornings when the sunrise woke up the dread in your soul again and circumstances continued to devour your day and your future.  He will make up for the months and years that opposition smothered you and circumstances robbed you through changelessness. He is, indeed, your Redeemer! —Kathy Gabler

One response

  1. Denise Lewis

    Thank you so much for your words that rekindle the flame of hope and faith in our One, True Living God!!!  Your words are my sentiments exactly for more than 11 years!!  The LORD is ALWAYS FAITHFUL to give me encouragement along my way DAILY!!!  And today he used you!!!  I praise Him for promises FULFILLED!!!  Thank you again for your encouraging Word straight from the Throne Room of God!!God bless ya’ll in all that you do!!Sincerely,Denise Lewis

    June 22, 2019 at 9:41 am

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