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Callings of God Are Irrevocable

KG_Looking upKATHY—God will never change His mind about what we were born to be and born to do, for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. (Rom 11:29, NKJ)  However, He will remodel our understanding of “how” to walk out that calling when necessary, and He will reassure us when we are shaken, and He will provide undeniable confirmation to strengthen us along the way.  I pray we yield to His remodeling and wait for and recognize His confirmations. May we not be stubborn out of fear or reckless out of frustration, and may we not be impatient with His timing.   May we have the courage to walk with Him and see our gifts and callings confirmed.

The Path Planner

KATHY—Wouldn’t it be more in character with our wise and loving God to have planned a path for us that fulfills who we are rather than contradicts who we are?  To think otherwise is to assume our Heavenly Father has not been actively aware of us in every moment of our lifetime. To think otherwise is to assume our gifts and callings were an after-thought, after God got to know our personality and talents and quirks.  No, we serve the God who knows the end before there is a beginning! (Isa.46:10)

Beside Still Waters With Marty Gabler
“Ashes and Promises”
The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. (Rom.11:29)
Click on the video below to watch “Ashes and Promises”  (20 min.)
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