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God’s Timing and Appointments

“These things will come to pass . . . in their time,” was Gabriel’s answer to CalendarAppointment.jpgZachariah.  The old priest had not known how to factor in God’s timing into his destiny and purpose.  God not only has a plan, He has a specific time-frame to manifest it.  Many of life’s frustrations come because we have no understanding of God’s TIMING for our gifts and callings.  God’s TIMING rarely flows within the confines of our logic or agenda.  Learning to recognize His TIMING can be the key to fulfilling our calling.  If we are out of sync with God’s timing, we need not expect confirmations. There is not anyone or anything positioned to confirm us along life’s path if we miss God-ordained appointments.  —Kathy

Wisdom out of Dark Hours

It appeared on more than one occasion that Joseph would not finish his course.  Power-people seemed to step in his way around every other corner.  ManPraiseSunriseYet, being sold for a slave was one of the steps that assured Joseph would get where he was supposed to be, when he was supposed to be there. (Gen.50:20)  The trying worked out some things in Joseph that he couldn’t take with him to the palace. In the dark hours and the obscure places, he gained godly wisdom that would soon be in demand.  (Jer.15:11a) “I will make you strong in these trying times to accomplish My good.” We are praying you discover daily God’s timing keeping you on course in your life to accomplish His good.
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