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The Path Planner

KATHY—Wouldn’t it be more in character with our wise and loving God to have planned a path for us that fulfills who we are rather than contradicts who we are?  To think otherwise is to assume our Heavenly Father has not been actively aware of us in every moment of our lifetime. To think otherwise is to assume our gifts and callings were an after-thought, after God got to know our personality and talents and quirks.  No, we serve the God who knows the end before there is a beginning! (Isa.46:10)

God-Planned Results

Kathy—Take a moment to get your bearings and remember our individual obedience is only a part of a bigger plan.  God is not calling each of us to be a Moses who must lead a whole nation out of bondage; rather, He is calling us to our part in participating with His plans.  We don’t have to tend to the whole farm if our instruction is to steward one acre.  We can stay in our lane and succeed.  May the success He has already put in you come to full manifestation this year.  Please be encouraged that as you are prompted by the Holy Spirit, you can pray and move with the confidence that you are headed into a time of harvest and God-planned results.  Psalm 81 says, if only you will listen and do as I say!  I, the LORD, would quickly defeat your enemies with my mighty power.