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Pursuing Wisdom

Genesis 40:8 says, “It is God who gives the ability to interpret dreams.”  I grew up BibleHandsPraythinking that interpreting dreams was a specialized gift and a calling that God only gave to certain people, but the scripture doesn’t really say that.  When we consider Daniel and Joseph, they pursued wisdom.  They knew that God had answers and they were confident they could go to God to enlighten them, (and they both said as much.)  We too can go to God and ask for wisdom and understanding, and we know that God can release a gift of His Spirit that opens understanding with a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge or discernment or prophecy, etc. –Kathy Gabler

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Accelerating Understanding

Thankfully, there will also be times that Father accelerates our understanding with JetAfterBurner.jpga gift of the Spirit, (e.g., a word of wisdom – 1Cor 12), and the symbols and the meaning of the dream just become clear!  That’s exactly what happened the first time I interpreted a dream.  It happened at the  breakfast table when I suddenly understood Marty’s dream.  I had no idea that was a “word of wisdom” in operation.  All I knew was that God had finally answered my years of prayer to be like Joseph, Daniel and my Great Grandpa who were able to interpret dreams.  —Kathy Gabler

Daniels in Lion’s Den

DanielwithlionsWe are not helpless pawns ruled by political corruption, we are DANIELS in the LIONS’ DEN! —Kathy Gabler

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Planning With the Coming Generation

I hold no sentiment whatsoever that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics; in fact, I believe just the opposite. We know, and have ministered to, awesome men and women of God who are impacting politicians and legislation for the righteous purposes of God in this nation. Christians should be in leadership positions in every arena that molds the minds of society. We are presently living in the mire of the opposite view that has reigned in religious circles and is directly accountable for the fact that so few of the coming generation are supported (with encouragement, mentoring and finances) to take those fields of endeavor–while other religions and philosophies started preparing and strategically placing their coming generations 100 years ago. BUT the tide is turning. Joseph, Daniel, Esther arise, your forebears repent and synergistically run with you!

Not out of Circumstances but Through Circumstances

DanielwithlionsGod doesn’t change His plans for His people just because an unexpected set of difficult circumstances have arisen. Though surrounded by lions, Daniel was completely unharmed. The lions did not function like lions – they were present, they were still lions with all the capabilities of lions but did not function like lions as long as Daniel was present. It would be difficult in this setting to say that Daniel was not manifested. All through the Bible people were preserved and manifested regardless of undesirable circumstances, even impossible circumstances. They were not removed from the circumstances but manifested participants in those altered circumstances (Cf. Esther). Regardless the apparent circumstances, God brought His people through and He has not retired from bringing His people through triumphantly.

(This is the eighth excerpt from Marty Gabler’s article “Regardless the Moon“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)

Marty audio excerpt: “God’s Will Has Never Changed”

Secure a Generation

AdultsAndChildrenIn 2008 we passed through a portal in time. There will not be any “going back to the good ol’ days.” We must now make the “good new days.” There is a surefire way to not end up in fear of the future. If we create the future in alignment with the purposes of God, there will be no need to fear it. We cannot allow a future to be created for us by people who do not have a biblical worldview. Our children are a message that we send into the future. (Could that be why so many fear the future?) If we impart to them trans-generationally (which is biblical principle) they will secure the future for the Kingdom of God as did Joseph, David, Issachar and Daniel. Weeds grow but children must be raised. If we don’t have it, they don’t get it. What Abraham had, Isaac got. What Isaac AND Abraham had, Jacob got and they are his twelve sons that are the nation of Israel.
(This is the fifth excerpt from Marty’s article “Time for Issachar“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine].)

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Considering The Coming Generation

BabylonEmpireWhen considering the coming generation who have set their hearts
on the Lord, instead of fearfully asking: What is going to happen to
Daniel, or to Joseph or to David?

Perhaps we should be expectantly asking:  What is going to happen
to Babylon, Egypt and Goliath?

”Here am I and the children whom the Lord has given me!
We are for signs and wonders in Israel  From the Lord of hosts,
Who dwells in Mount Zion.” (Isa.8:18, NKJV)

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Preferred Government

Preferred Government
Nebuchanezar was in office for an unlimited term. Nebuchanezar is the one who took the choicest of Israel’s future and enslaved them for the purpose of culturizing them to the values of Babylon. In spite of that fact the Hebrews Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego triumphed and impacted the culture of Babylon with the precepts of Jehovah. (Let us not forget that much prayer was the habit of Daniel.)

Saul was in office for an unlimited term. Saul is the one who attempted to murder the future of Israel’s government. In spite of that fact David triumphed. Saul was actually used as a catalyst to join the tribes of the nation to David and see that he was seated on the throne. (Remember: David is an OT type of the NT Christ) After being under Saul’s government, Israel much preferred the government of David (NT Christ) over the government of Saul (Heb.: “desired”). He who was so desired became so undesired. (Let us not forget that much worship was the habit of David.)

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