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Why Does History Repeat?

Kathy — The whole scene between David and Goliath could have been on FOX news last week: “A false-god-worshiping foreigner intended to immigrate into the nation and rule the nation with his nation’s laws and gods.  He fully intended to obligate another nation to serve him as an immigrant and make the immigrants’ dreams come true.”  Sound familiar yet?  We have to wonder why men keep allowing the enemy to set the rules of engagement.  We have to question also why history keeps repeating itself and why the same influences keep showing up to sway history. Isa.54:13, TPT — “All your children will be taught by Yahweh, and great will be their peace and prosperity.”

No Weapon Formed

Melissa — While thinking about recent events I had to deal with, the scripture Isaiah 54:17 “no weapon formed against you will prosper” came up again. This time, however, I saw it differently. I think a lot of times this is used as a defensive scripture when really it is an offensive scripture. God equips us for the weapon BEFORE, not after, it is formed against us. The reason the weapon doesn’t prosper is because He already set countermeasures in place prior to its launch. He already equipped you with everything necessary to walk out of this battle in tact. That, my friends, is an offensive scripture loaded for battle!

Effective Function in New Era

The people of God are His instruments that He is recalibrating to function targets_bullseyeseffectively in a new era. When you have a rifle calibrated to hit a bull’s eye at 100 yards, you must recalibrate it if you are to enter an era of shooting at 200 yards. Entering this era, we will not wait until something happens to merely react, we shall see it at a distance and prepare. We have greater challenges ahead of us in the era that is opening to us. We must lengthen our tent cords and stretch our curtains (Isa54:2). Our satisfaction with the present view of limited horizons must give way to be broadened.

Stretch our Curtains

tentAs the people of God assemble today, the Presence of the Holy Spirit working with the Word will enable us to “stretch our curtains and lengthen our tent cords” so that we will “break forth” and our “offspring will possess the nations and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.” (Isa.54:1-4)  

No Weapon Formed

No weapon formed against you shall prosper (Isa.54:17). This is the reason why:  No matter the size or type of weapon, it is soooo inconsequential in comparison to your God. Everything He is and everything He can do overwhelms it and engulfs you and the weapon. “For [in comparison with the Lord they are so weak that things as insignificant as] the moth shall eat them up like a garment, and the worm shall eat them like wool. But My rightness and justice [and faithfully fulfilled promise] shall be forever, and My salvation to all generations.” (Isa.51:8, Amp)