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Our Part is Awareness

(Melissa Gabler) What is our part in this next season? Awareness.  We must remember, at all times: the Kingdom of God is invading this nation. Each one of us has a piece of the Kingdom that penetrates and affects the region around us. We are going to WIN this fight.  Hey, it’s not going to be pretty in the months ahead, but no matter what you see, hear, or face, it has no effect on what God has set in motion.  After all, He has the last word! If you feel worried, afraid, or uneasy that’s your clue you are plugged into the wrong advisors.  You may need to turn the TV off during this season in order to stay plugged into God’s agenda.  Make sure you keep the air cleared in your vicinity.  One great way of doing that is upping your prayer in tongues.  Talk about an air purifier! Speaking in tongues is a beautiful weapon from Heaven for such a time as this.  

Awareness of Purpose

Awareness of purpose is easily lost among the stuff of everyday life.  Nevertheless, our efficient God is weaving our lives with purpose daily.  No one is born for one event.  There is purpose infused in every inch of our path through life.  The flow of purpose is so intricately woven by God that we will only realize its full significance in hindsight.  So, the true simplicity of purpose boils down to living aware of God daily.  Thanksgiving, praise, worship, obedience and godly choices will flow out of that awareness.  We tend the garden of our life, watering the plants daily, not sure when or how often they will bloom in our lifetime and thereafter.  We are POSITIONED to be faithful in watering and He is faithful to bring forth fruit that is eternal. (Ninth excerpt from Kathy’s article “Positioned for Purpose”.)