Daily Devotions

Awareness and Response

KATHY—When I mention Kingdom in this article, I am speaking of God’s rule or government, power, authority and order. I am referring to the rule of Almighty God that is eternal, ever-present and everlasting and that will always express His original intent and purpose. The term “awakening” includes two parts, awareness and response. Just as we really don’t know we are asleep until we wake up, neither do we realize we are unaware of something until we become aware of it. So awareness is the first step toward awakening.  Just as you can be aware it’s time to get up and go to work but doze off again, a genuine awakening doesn’t happen until you get up and go to work. So the second part of awakening is response or participation or follow-up on your awareness. An awakening of any kind involves both awareness and response.  

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