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Because we Trust the Lord

Kathy — They had called out to God during the battle, and he answered their prayers because they trusted him, (1Chron. 5:20).  There’s a lot of reasons we cry YellingAtSkyout to God during battle.  Pain, fear, offense, anger, pity, grief and hopelessness are some understandable causes for a “cry out”, but if we park on any of those causes, the battle can become a stalled storm we cannot see beyond.  If we sit in neutral gear feeling helpless, the siege continues to smother. Crying out in “park” or “neutral” gear and racing the motor and burning fuel doesn’t get us anywhere.  But if we cry out because we trust the Lord to hear, to care and to do something, we shift into a gear to move forward.  Trust moves us into the momentum of His answer and gets us on the road to His outcome. 

Anger is a Distorted Filter

upset_phoneUnresolved anger can become a distorted filter, like seeing thru bitter, lemon-yellow glasses. So anger affects one’s view of self, God, people and situations and it destroys self-confidence, health, lifestyle and destiny. Anger is a strong passion, which in itself is not sin, but we can sin in how we handle it. We must resolve it according to Godly principles and resolve it quickly. (Kathy G.)

How do we Resolve Anger?

Kathy Gabler) — How do we CHANGE and resolve anger?  The first step is HONESTY.   WARNING: our religious mindsets can set us up for defeat, if we believe that being angry is a sin.  If that is the case, the accuser of the brethren delights in keeping us on the witness stand, denying that we are angry.   He has an open and shut case against us and sues for damages.  Sometimes the suit lasts a lifetime!  But the Spirit of God lovingly bids us to get off the witness stand and calls us to the Judge’s chambers to admit the anger.  This might scare everyone in the courtroom, but it will not frighten the Judge. For in the honesty and truth of the Judge’s chambers change begins. Anger and grief begin to let go of our emotions.

Blame and Self-Pity

Blame and self-pity are big signals that anger is in residence.  BLAME builds a prison of offense and/or condemnation around you.  Forgiveness is the ONLY key to that prison.  We must watch for BLAME in our thinking and our conversations.  “Self-Pity” is a big signal that anger is unresolved:  “I was hurt,” usually justifies anger rather than resolves it.  Just like a person who justifies their actions has not repented of them, rehearsing the hurts is refusing to let go of offense.  It is blocking the CHANGE needed.  Being “hurt” is “tails” and “BLAME”  is “heads” of the same coin.  We can start with “heads” and describe the action of the offender; or cut to the result, “tails,” and describe the offense taken.—Kathy Gabler


November is For Deliverance From Anger

The month of NOVEMBER IS FOR DELIVERANCE FROM ANGER. It is time for deliverance from anger (1) caused by injustices such as bullying, misrepresentation, abuse, abandonment, regrets; (2) caused by disagreements never settled; (3) caused by opportunities never taken or that were stolen.  Whatever the source of the anger, you are the one it is eating up, so be delivered by the healing power of Jesus.  Eph.4:26 Be angry [at sin—at immorality, at injustice, at ungodly behavior], yet do not sin; do not let your anger [cause you shame, nor allow it to] last until the sun goes down.  27  And do not give the devil an opportunity [to lead you into sin by holding a grudge, or nurturing anger, or harboring resentment, or cultivating bitterness]. (Amp)


Release From Anger

As the people of God assemble today, may they encourage each other and help each other to turn away from anger (even if it is the result of injustice), so that they may be released from that which eats at them and leaves them miserable. (Ps.37:8, Amp) “Cease from anger and abandon wrath; Do not fret; it leads only to evil.”

Overcoming the Snake on Your Porch

Sometimes these contradictions are obvious, like when I walked out on the porch and a snake was on my porch. That thing had crawled up on SnakeOnPorchto the roof ledge of a second story porch!  It was a very loud contradiction to my plans and future.  (I knew it was a personal  issue because I was the only one home.)  One of the symbolic meanings of a snake is “a threat to the future,” and sure enough, one of us had to die that day!  However, some personal contradictions are not as obvious, even on our porch, because they are always there and we don’t see them as a threat to our future purpose and fulfillment and destiny.  Contradictions on your porch can be from old wounds and memories that haven’t faded and still cause fear or anger or discouragement.  They linger like a cloud on your porch waiting to come and go with you.  Contradictions to your purpose can come from family traits like anger or pride or being judgmental. You don’t notice them because they have always been there. The  fact that you need to change your thinking in some part of your life is not an indictment against you!  The simple truth is that without repentance,  there is no change and without change there is no overcoming contradictions that keep affecting your life and your legacy.

(This is the ninth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Resurrection out of Contradiction“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)

KATHY GABLER brings an encouraging word in this 3min. audio file.
“He is putting gates in your fences.”