Daily Devotions

God Empowered Response

Kathy — At my age, you’d think I’d know what I want to be when I grow up, but when I read the dark headlines in our nation and hear the chaotic chatter, there are days I just get irritated and wonder what is going on. The Bible doesn’t say CloudLightSunbelievers should never get irritated or annoyed.  In fact, Eph 4:26 says “Be angry, but don’t sin. So, we can get riled up, but we don’t go off the page in a rage and we don’t give in to a “spirit of cuss”!  Instead, we can learn to spell anger with a capital “G,” anGer, (Acquire-Necessary-God-Empowered-Response).  Then when we get upset, it can end up in a God result of bringing heaven into earth.  When the pythonic girl got on Paul’s last nerve, he acquired-necessary-God-empowered-response and whipped around and delivered her from that spirit of divination.  When devils occupy people and circumstances and cultures and atmospheres, sons of God interrupting that occupation and casting out demons is heaven coming to earth.  One challenge facing us is that there have been major strongholds of darkness in our nation for decades and centuries.  They have been here so long that many Christians don’t think to question them or even imagine how we could ever displace such evil.  Add to that decades of church erroneous teachings that support not even trying to overcome them. Hence, the great necessity of a “God empowered response”.

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