Daily Devotions

Blame and Self-Pity

Blame and self-pity are big signals that anger is in residence.  BLAME builds a prison of offense and/or condemnation around you.  Forgiveness is the ONLY key to that prison.  We must watch for BLAME in our thinking and our conversations.  “Self-Pity” is a big signal that anger is unresolved:  “I was hurt,” usually justifies anger rather than resolves it.  Just like a person who justifies their actions has not repented of them, rehearsing the hurts is refusing to let go of offense.  It is blocking the CHANGE needed.  Being “hurt” is “tails” and “BLAME”  is “heads” of the same coin.  We can start with “heads” and describe the action of the offender; or cut to the result, “tails,” and describe the offense taken.—Kathy Gabler


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