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Don’t Back off too Soon

cloudThe tiny cloud the prophet sent his servant to look for was not visible the first six times he walked four miles to look for it (1K.18). But he was right in his obedience to look the first six times as well as the seventh. Too often we back off too soon and see too little. (2Co.5:7)

He Breaks the Drought of Hopelessness

cloudAs the people of God assemble today may they encourage one another that where there is no cloud of provision there can be a cloud the size of a man’s hand the next time they go look and that the time they look after that, they can experience the rain of plenty provision that breaks the drought of hopelessness. “…and there was a heavy rain.” (1K.18:45a)

Go Look Again

As Melissa sang “Go look again because it’s the year of the cloud,” I began to weep as the significance of her Look at distancedeclaration mushroomed in my understanding.   It is time for those manifestation-of-God changes.  That tiny cloud marks the beginning of change coming, so watch for it.  Go look again and again until you see it!  Of course the cloud the size of a man’s hand references the time in 1Kings 18 when God supernaturally showed up.  It marks a time when a project orchestrated by God and His prophet came to completion and brought change in the earth. Go look again.

(This is the third excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Year Of The Cloud” taken from SEEC Magazine * Volume 18  Issue 1)

This is the link to the prophetic song Melissa sang “Let It Rain”  http://martygabler.podomatic.com/entry/2014-02-01T10_40_06-08_00