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Kathy — Soul-conflicts cause ulcers rather than faith. An “ulcer of the soul” is inflammation like agitation, offense, irritation, anger, fear, etc. A wound of the soul is from our history or experience. Neither of those is the starting place for effectual prayer because “ulcers” and wounds can keep us from seeing from God’s perspective. A timely example is that it cripples our faith to pray for our nation if we think God will not interrupt hell’s assignments against our nation. Since 2021 is part of our watch, we can anticipate God’s intervention in our nation this year as we pray and neutralize contradictions that influence daily.

Call and I Will Answer

Melissa — Let’s look at “Call to me and I will answer you” through a modern American paradigm: I call on the Lord and He will answer – I will tell Him what I need and He will give it to me because He is a loving God. You know, kind of like curbside grocery delivery. I took the time to get my list together and I took the time to call about this list. Now, it’s on Him to deliver!  I’m afraid we North Americans operate out of an entitled mindset not only in our relationship with earthlings, but also in our relationship with God. If I call on Him then ________ (insert pre-determined answer here). The problem with an entitled relationship with God is where the entitlement is rooted. If it is rooted in the Spirit, according to the covenant, then it will put you in a posture of dominion. If, however, it is rooted in the soul then it will hold you in a victimized defensive posture. The soul will keep you chained out of reach of God’s original intent which is indeed dominion. Or said another way, the soul will keep you from being heaven on earth.


Kathy — PRAYING is OBEYING, and prayer will clearly bear fruit in 2020 as His Kingdom comes and His will is done in earth.  On January 4th , six days after Marty made the declarations, I was reading Psalm 81.  Verse 13, “How I wish my people would listen to me; how I wish they would obey me,” seemed to echo in my mind as I leaned my head back on my chair.  As I slipped into sleep, I began dreaming, but then I heard someone speaking.  I opened my eyes, wondering if I was awake or asleep as I tried to listen to what was being said.  It is sometimes a challenge to PrayWomanSunsettransfer words and concepts to paper, but this is the gist of what I heard: I am bringing changes to the Church’s mode of operation”.  My first thought was that I must pray that those who faithfully sit on the church bench be able to handle God-changes rather than hold to traditions or walk away in judgment.  I took hope in what I heard next:  “The prospering that comes from these changes will cause the differences to be embraced and welcomed by many.  Even the economics of the Church will prosper like harvests hidden in history.”  I had no knowledge of  “harvests hidden in history.”  I was a bit stunned at hearing such details.  I thought, ‘Lord, hearing these things seems strangely beyond my usual reach and responsibility. This is the kind of stuff that Marty hears, so why am I hearing these things?’  Immediately, I heard, “So you can invest prayer toward these changes in My Church.” I have to admit that I felt too inexperienced for such an assignment, and that momentary feeling of being unequipped made me doubt my hearing.  But I could not shrug this off to dreaming.  I wonder how many of us have disqualified ourselves and forsaken an assignment through a reaction like mine.  The soul (the mind and logic and will) is often quick to take the wheel and drive us into a ditch of doubt instead of down the path of obedience.  It’s not that our soul cannot be part of obedience, in fact, it must.  However, the soul simply cannot be the driver-dictator-controller.  Being led of the Spirit is the means and method of walking out an obedience and getting to God-outcomes (in prayer or any other obedience).

Beside Still Waters: “My Soul Thirsts For You”

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Beside Still Waters with Marty Gabler

“My Soul Thirsts for You”
Psalm 63:1, Amp – “O God, You are my God, earnestly will I seek You; my inner self thirsts for
You, my flesh longs and is faint for You, in a dry and weary land where no water is.”

Do You Have an Unshakeable Foundation?

There are many belief systems that are vying for your attention. Perhaps, it is best put like this: there are many belief systems vying for your soul. Have you ever found yourself asking, “Am I walking in the way that is right? Am I walking in the straight and narrow path?” May your feet be set firmly upon the never-failing Word of Almighty God. May you go into the days ahead with the knowledge and assurance that you have an unshakeable foundation to stand on no matter what you face in coming days.  (2Thess.3:3, Amp)  “Yet the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen [you] and set you on a firm foundation and guard you from the evil [one].”  We are praying you discover daily that your feet are on the firm foundation of God’s Word.  (Marty’s Daily Discovery as heard on TEXAS PRAISE RADIO at the bottom of the hour 24hrs/day.) www.txpraise.com


So Pants My Soul For You, O God

As the regal deer ran with all his strength, he eventually outdistanced the four-legged hunters that hungrily pursued him. Finding a pleasant water brook shaded by great deer1_350oaks, he slowed his pace and drew in deep breaths of fresh air while his racing heart pounded vigorously in his ears. Though still cautious and though very weary, he lowered his head to the cool, life-giving liquid and drank his fill. 

No doubt, the Psalmist had witnessed just such a scene in the wilderness and had, himself, been relentlessly pursued by a crafty foe. He identified with being winded and with the threat of pursuit as well as with the deep desire for only that which can satisfy and renew the whole being. We join the deer and the Psalmist and turn our thirst to the only One who can satisfy and refresh us who have been pursued. For today, we shall continue resolutely on our journey, having been refreshed by The Living Water of life.

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God.” (Ps.42:1, NKJV)
Melissa Gabler and the Grace Worship Band
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