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A Grievous Pang of Body

Kathy — As I considered the prayer of David in Ps.139:23, I noticed the definition of “wicked” even included: “a grievous pang of body.”  Many people are distracted or diverted from their destiny by physical distress.  I believe this prayer could be the catalyst for change in our physical bodies as well.  I pray, “Lord, reveal any sorrow or offense that is the root of disease or dysfunction in my body.  Don’t let me hold to any issue or belief that hinders my soul or body.  Let neither soul nor body distract me or defeat me as I follow your lead in the ordained path you have for me.  I am confident that with your answer will come the grace to make any changes necessary and remove mountains WITHIN in the remainder of this year.”  Amen.

Looking Beyond Defeat

May the people of God look beyond the threats of failure and defeat that loom defiantly over them. May they look beyond infirmity, disease, financial lack and setbacks and focus on the promises of God that never fail, and let loose with heart-felt praise!  “Meanwhile, I’m sure you’re on my side— no victory shouts yet from the enemy camp! You know me inside and out, you hold me together, you never fail to stand me tall in your presence so I can look you in the eye.” (Ps.41:11-12, Msg)

Fear Deep in Subconscious

(Melissa G.) I’m going to break it down into some real life situations so you can see just how this DDF (Due Diligence Fear) sneaks in.  Here are some examples:
– “This is EXPECTED in this situation, this has to happen…  it’s just life!”
fearfullookfingers– AGE RELATED ISSUES/DISEASE: by “this age ___” you can expect “this” to go wrong.  
– FAMILY GENETICS: This disease is in our bloodline.
Breaking it down even more.  Due Diligence Fear says: 
– “It’s too good to be true” it’s better to err on the side of expecting nothing good to happen so that I won’t be disappointed when it never does.
DON’T LOOK AT IT – YOU’LL SPOOK IT!!! (please tell me I’m not the only one who has thought
– “WHAT IF” this particular fear seems to keep you from getting hurt or dying.  I may as well act as IF this thing could happen so I can prevent it from happening. This one’s a real stinker!
DDF happens when something touches a fear buried in our subconscious, a fear never dealt with that lies dormant in the dark.  Once that fear is stimulated it prompts the DDF mode to try and keep that fear from manifesting.  It feels like something I MUST DO to survive!
One of the biggest issues with this kind of fear is thinking it is wisdom.  We must see the difference between wisdom and fear, and how do we do that? By first, and foremost, understanding GOD DOES NOT GIVE US THINGS TO FEAR! We must learn to realize that the issue is fear, and stop concentrating on what the fear is about.
(This is the third excerpt from Melissa Gabler’s article “Due Diligence Fear“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)