Daily Devotions

The Speck in my Eye

How is it that there are people who zealously demand good government, they judge and vehemently criticize national government, and government in others, when they don’t even practice sound government in their own life?   This might be an area where it is actually valid to use the scripture “judge not lest you be judged” (Matt.7:1); or even consider not trying to see past the log in your eye to attempt to remove the speck in someone else’s eye or the eye of national government (Matt.7:3). It seems that the people who have the least desirable lives (by the standards of Biblical righteousness) are making the loudest protests against any persons or entities that might possibly help to bring them into check. Is it possible that if individuals walked in sound self-government, the government of the nation would look a whole lot different and be a great deal more efficient? Maybe it would be advisable to fix what is wrong at home before we go next door to our neighbor to fix theirs.

Dreams Visions Prophecy Symposium
September 22-23, 2017 *** NO FEE
Kathy, Melissa and Marty Gabler
Teaching Worship Ministry Activation
Grace International Church    Willis,TX


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