Daily Devotions

Desires by God

(Simon Purvis) — All the basic desires on the deep inside are put there by God, but we were created for all these subconscious desires to be under the government of God.  What makes these desires evil is that we put them under the charge of self to be fulfilled.  Subconscious self-rule can run our lives even if we are saying otherwise.  Desires from God can become evil if left to self to fulfill. God never intended our character and holiness to be from our conscious decisions.  He intended something to be built down on the inside of us, our inner being, our subconscious, that we would live out of because it is who we are.  It is not trying to be anything, rather, “I just am.”  Under the government of God, we don’t have to try to be happy, we just are.  God did not intend for us to strive through life to make choices to be happy or patient or kind.  All of this was meant to flow out of the subconscious without a thought from the conscious.  He never intended us to live our lives out by thinking about being holy, secure or happy.  Those must come from the subconscious. (SIMON  PURVIS is speaking at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018  March 7-9. Grace International 936-856-2455)
Detailed info: KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018

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