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Emancipation From Fear

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2020 Perspective Shift: Perhaps
the intense nature of the end of
this decade is not a foretelling
of the hardship to come, but
rather the emancipation
from fear. —Melissa


Shedding the Old

Melissa Gabler–

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An Invitation for 2020

Melissa Gabler — 

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Shedding the Old

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Curtain Rising on Insights

(Kathy Gabler) I have been seeing God’s hand moving behind a curtain on a stage.  That has kept me anticipating the curtain rising in my understanding.  Little by little an expectation has grown in me that we are about to see many things the Holy Spirit has been adjusting, rearranging, developing, redeeming, restoring and maturing.  I don’t think there will be some colorful, feel good, fairytale play behind those curtains, rather a stage set with details that bring clarity and a God-perspective that equips us, literally showing us another way to think and perceive and prevail.  I have a feeling the curtain will rise on insights that adjust our mode of operation and strategies and change our outcomes. 

The Right Questions

(Melissa Gabler) — We can ask the right kind of questions that lead down a path of deliverance, healing, and action.  When we ask the right questions we are able to hear the answers we need.  When we ask fear-based questions we have already come to the wrong, statistic-based, society-experienced conclusions.  These soulish conclusions make it really hard to hear a Spirit answer.  So, a good place to start asking the right question is to ask the Holy Spirit, “What questions should I be asking about this situation?” He will tell you, and most of the time these questions carry the answer in them.  The right questions are a key to unlock doors and chains.  The right questions give you the right perspective.

See From God’s Perspective

There is a lively element to prophecy that cannot leave us like we are. That God-thing on the inside of us begins to get into agreement with His Word and makes room for His Word to come alive in us and work in us what otherwise was impossible before. The reason I like to use the eagle as a symbol of the prophetic is because of what the eagle represents to us: the ability to rise above; the ability to soar high and see from God’s perspective. The prophetic word enables us to rise up and see what we were not able to see from our circumstances. (From Marty’s book “Prophecy-Strengthen, Encourage, Comfort”. It has been revised and will be re-released at DVP2017.)

Marty Gabler is one of the presenters at the
Dreams Visions Prophecy Symposium 2017  Sept.22-24 No Fee
Team Gabler: Marty, Kathy and Melissa Gabler
Grace International Church just north of Houston
Information: DVP2017 September 22-24