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A Better Way to Live

CloudSunBreakThruLimitations bring groaning, despair and hopelessness. There is a better way to live. “Thy Kingdom come.” We must get the conduct and relationships of heaven into this earth. The fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5:22-25) manifests the conduct and relationships of heaven. We must get the power and benefits of heaven into this earth. The gifts of the Spirit (1Co.12:7-11) manifest the power of heaven over our limitations. 

Reach for What’s in Reach

We are being equipped so that the Kingdom of our God can advance in us and through us. It’s going to involve taking dominion and bringing God’s order into all the mountains of culture and into individual lives and into circumstances and into history.   Not every act of dominion is going to be as quick as stopping the wind and waves because changing the powers-that-be may take a while in some cases, but let’s do this.  Let’s be sons that reach for what’s in reach. Let’s be the sons that bring the order that creation is groaning for.  It starts with crying out, “Bid me Come, Lord.” (Kathy)


Solution to the Groaning

EvangelismOnStreetThe most notable apostle in the New Testament said that his goal was to get people to the image of Christ. Our goal is to stop the groaning, not to lay blame for the groaning, not even to come up with programs to handle the groaning. Blame has been laid at the feet of politicians, entertainers and legislators. Perhaps it is time we moved into the image of Christ, demonstrate the risen Christ and stop the groaning. That groan came from God. God put that groaning in creation because He had sons on the way who He would dwell in, who would be the solution to the groaning.

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