Daily Devotions

Solution to the Groaning

EvangelismOnStreetThe most notable apostle in the New Testament said that his goal was to get people to the image of Christ. Our goal is to stop the groaning, not to lay blame for the groaning, not even to come up with programs to handle the groaning. Blame has been laid at the feet of politicians, entertainers and legislators. Perhaps it is time we moved into the image of Christ, demonstrate the risen Christ and stop the groaning. That groan came from God. God put that groaning in creation because He had sons on the way who He would dwell in, who would be the solution to the groaning.

Marty Gabler will be speaking at Kingdom Congress 2017
March 1-3, 2017. Click on this link to hear an excerpt of
Marty’s teaching: 
See speakers schedule and more info about


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