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From Heaven to Earth

The need in our nation is far greater than politicians, military, law-enforcement and the medical community, combined, can handle.  We must have in this earth that which is beyond earth because, for decades, the best efforts of man in this earth have fallen miserably short. The Lord Jesus (King of Kings) commanded His disciples to pray that His Kingdom would come in earth as it is in heaven (Matt.6:10). It is plain to see in our Lord’s command that what exists in heaven can be moved into the earth through prayer by available vessels who align themselves with His purposes, who don’t merely pray but position themselves to be the vessel through which the power and provision of heaven move. Those same disciples are the ones who were said to have “turned the world upside down” in Acts 17:6. Conclusion, something moved through them from heaven into earth and the result was as though the world was turned upside down because the outcome was so different from the norm. (First excerpt from Marty’s article “From Heaven to Earth”)

Totally Worshipping

(PROPHET SAM BRASSFIELD ministering tonight!) — This new order of worship requires the total man or woman as the case may be. Worshiping God with our whole being, spirit, soul and body; this is worshiping in spirit and in truth and is called SPIRITUAL WORSHIP. The old type or covenant worship was only done in the flesh and not the spirit. Ritualistically, they offered something outside of themselves to God. Now God was requiring that they become the sacrifice which required total commitment, not just an offering from an outside source. David said on one occasion, “I will offer nothing to the Lord that does not cost me something.” The old required the total sacrifice of an animal of some sort, but now that same total commitment is required of the true worshiper.  (PROPHET SAM BRASSFIELD will minister and lead us in an activation/impartation service Wednesday night MARCH 7 at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018. Grace: 936-856-2455)

The Kingdom Will Be Preached

Location: Grace International Willis,TX  just north of Houston,TX.