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God Gives a Gate

Kathy — God builds gates through a new thought, a new opportunity or a word of counsel.  After wearing a path around your fence lines looking for answers, a new gate is a welcomed sight.  One of my usual methods is to confront problems head-on until they are resolved.  One day I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say, “Kathy, confrontation is not always the best method for resolve.”  That was not a  “traditional thought” for me, and it gave me new direction.  I could suddenly see the wisdom of not approaching a friend of mine and laying everything out verbally. Due to my friend’s temperament and personality, confrontation would be gas on their fire rather than water. That word from God became a gate into a whole new set of tools for resolving problems. 

Overlook or Confront?

Do we overlook destructive behavior and negative emotional patterns that may sabotage a loved one or confront them?  There is no pat answer.  The place to start is prayer.  One prayer I have seen God answer many times is, “Lord, please change them or change me so your peace can cover this relationship.”  We can trust His wisdom and His faithfulness to address the problems in wise timing.  What we cannot do with behavior or personality issues is fight fire with fire.  Fighting negative behavior with negative behavior is using a carnal weapon that does not pull down strongholds.  Nor will any good fruit come from confronting others out of frustration rather than love.  While we should not presume to confront without God’s instruction, neither should we be too cowardly to talk it out if He so directs.  We can be confident that the place to start is prayer.  Then we follow God’s instructions and timing to a God-outcome of healthy and meaningful and fulfilling relationships.
(The last excerpt from Kathy’s article “Investing in Relationships” published in SEEC Magazine.)


Destiny To Confront

Destiny To Confront

Jesus came to this earth to confront and contradict darkness. Upon occasion after occasion, He undid what darkness had done. He did not do that on a couple of auspicious occasions that happened to be remembered, but He did it on a regular basis. Jesus was the embodiment of the authority and power of God to do something about darkness. (Lk 1:79; Jn 8:12; 12:46) Jesus confronted darkness and contradicted it. They brought blind people to Him, He confronted blindness and contradicted it with sight. They brought lame people to Him and instead of going and calling the pastor to go visit them, he confronted lameness and contradicted it with strength and mobility. He confronted demon possession and contradicted it with liberty of the Spirit. The purpose of our Lord, the demonstration of our Lord and our destiny cannot be separated. It is the destiny of the Church to be the embodiment of the authority and power of God so we might confront and contradict darkness in this present generation.