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Going Through Doors For Others

There are doors of opportunity for the Kingdom to advance. As a result of that factor, there are doors of opportunity for us to go to a level we have never been to, to stand upon mountains we have never stood on. There are doors to take our children through, doors to lead the hungry and the hurting through. Many lost and distressed and hopeless people stand where they do because they see no way out. They cannot see doors of release because of the immediate press of needs and issues. But there are doors before us and when we go through them it is possible to lead many others through them. We are not going through doors just for ourselves but for others. It is similar to the principle Jesus spoke of when laying down His life: Jn.12:24 “I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains [just one grain; it never becomes more but lives] by itself alone. But if it dies, it produces many others and yields a rich harvest.” (Amplified) We must be willing to “lay down our lives” (Jn.10:15; 15:13), i.e., sacrifice to go through the doors of life and blessing for the benefit of that which is bigger than we are, namely, the Kingdom of God on earth. (Fifth excerpt from Marty’s article “Doors and Self-Government”)


Gates Into The Future

There is wisdom in honoring healthy boundaries in life and not damaging borders of ownership or lines of good conduct or established ethics or moral limits, etc., however, a gate indicates access beyond, not damage to a border line.  Hopefully, I won’t be written off as just having a blasphemous fit, but I open gatethink we might be more mature sons of God if we view Acts as a beginning rather than an end.  Would we stay within our old fence lines if we saw ourselves as Bible characters instead of mere men in history?  Many will immediately fear I’m risking the curse for adding to the book, but the church world is probably in more danger of the “taking away” from the book curses because we see the Bible as a book that has a beginning and end like any other.  I am not talking about a new book of Mormon or revising the Canon, I am talking about the Bible’s legacy being the eternal and ongoing Word of God.  I am talking about having a part in the big picture in such a way that our life choices and accomplishments actually connect to God’s plan for a generation beyond our own or a town we don’t even live in or an election that hasn’t even registered candidates yet.  I pray we begin to see that we dare not lock down in traditions of the past and refuse to enter the gate into all that God has planned for us to do in the future and in our lifetime.

(This is the third excerpt [under the heading “Old Fence Lines”] from Kathy’s article “Gates In Our Fences” in Volume 16 Issue 4 of Marty & Kathy’s ministry magazine, SEEC Magazine.)

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New Gates Are Not Optional

New Gates Are Not Optional (by Kathy Gabler)
While prophesying to a lady, I saw her as a bird in a gilded cage.  The door was open on the cage, but she would not fly out.  Instead of leaving her captivity, she decorated it, but the golden captivity was still captivity.  We can comfort ourselves with former revelation, with blessings already received and with testimonies of past obediences, or refuse to move and just focus on quests that everyone would call godly, but God’s designs are always moving beyond the past and even beyond the now. When He builds a gate, He is not presenting options; rather He is giving direction. That gate will lead to growth, increase, maturity and change. Purpose beckons us beyond our current fence line.  God is faithful to build the gate, but it is up to us to choose to go through it.