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Thanksgiving Family Communion

Thanksgiving Family Communion with Marty, Kathy and Melissa.
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Choosing to see God’s Purpose

Kathy — Every time we decide not to see God’s purpose in trials and we just continue to resent them, we’re hardening our hearts. In addition, by refusing to learn God’s ways and do things His way, we are refusing to reflect His image in this earth. That is refusing to glorify Him. 1Chron.16:11, CEV — “Trust the Lord and his mighty power. Worship him always.

Declare in the Face of Contradictions

The word “declare” means: manifest, announce; making something known Declare1emphatically, openly or formally; to make known, sometimes in the face of actual or potential contradiction. The people of God are not on earth to just observe events but to make declarations in keeping with the character of our God, right in the face of those things that contradict the righteousness of God. We will not keep silent. 1Chron.16:24, Amp — “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all peoples.”