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Possible to Reach God’s Intentions

LightRayGardenPathOn the day of disobedience in the garden, Adam and Eve knew their behavior contradicted their relationship and their righteousness, so they hid. Nothing was neutral or innocent anymore. From that day on everything fell short of God’s intentions. Thousands of years later Jesus came to restore and made it possible to reach God’s intentions again. (1Co.15:22) — Kathy Gabler

God of the Moment

God Almighty is the God of the moment. He acts in a moment’s time. Things the Lord declared suddenly came to pass (Isa.48:3, Amp); Sodom was overthrown in a Lightningstreaksbluemoment (Lam.4:6, Amp); in a moment, the dead in Christ shall be raised imperishable (1Cor.15:52, Amp); enemies turned back in a moment (Ps.6:10, ESV); a nation can be born in a moment (Isa.66:8, LEB); Israel went out of Egypt suddenly (Deut.16:3, WYC); God enabled Joshua to come upon the enemy suddenly (Josh.10:9;11:7, Amp); the house of God was suddenly filled with a cloud (2Chron.5:13, WYC); the service of the house of the Lord was restored suddenly (2Chron.29:36, Amp); after instructing the Israelites to dig trenches in a dry valley so they and their animals could drink while under attack from the enemy, rain water that had fallen three days journey away suddenly filled them (2K.3:20, Amp); suddenly, a man dressed in bright, dazzling clothing stood before Cornelius (Acts 10:30, Amp);suddenly a sound came from heaven like a rushing violent wind (Acts 2:2, Amp). (From Marty’s article “God of the Moment”)

Catching Ourselves Before We Speak

May we catch ourselves before we let out a stream of negative verbiage
that is in agreement with things that appear as though they are destructive
or potentially destructive. And may we speak over those matters the intent
and will of our God that we have learned from the rich basics of scripture
and the character of God Almighty.

“For you were made rich in every way in him, in all your speech
and in every kind of knowledge—“ (1Cor.1:5, NET)

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