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Catching Ourselves Before We Speak

May we catch ourselves before we let out a stream of negative verbiage
that is in agreement with things that appear as though they are destructive
or potentially destructive. And may we speak over those matters the intent
and will of our God that we have learned from the rich basics of scripture
and the character of God Almighty.

“For you were made rich in every way in him, in all your speech
and in every kind of knowledge—“ (1Cor.1:5, NET)

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Speaking HIS Language

Speaking HIS Language

Jesus commissioned us to go and to do with His “power of rule” (Mt 28:18) what He had done with it. The factor of multiplication was ever present throughout the record of His representing the Kingdom of God on earth (Mt.14:17-21). Jesus spoke the language of wholeness and multiplication. When we speak the language of subtraction and diminishing, we cannot get the results Jesus got. When He saw disease, He spoke the opposite to what it was doing to the person. He never got into agreement with the spirit or the infirmity. (Mt.9:6;14:27;17;7; Mk.5:39-42;7:34;Jn.5:8) When everyone at a wedding was speaking the language of lack, Jesus spoke the language of plenty and the result was better wine than the previous that was served. (Jn 2:10;10:10) In that instance, Jesus didn’t even have a small amount of wine to multiply; He took empty vessels and filled them.