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Doors and Excuses

There are a variety of excuses for not going through God-ordained doors of opportunity. Some of the doors we are supposed to go through are just beyond temptation. Some of them are just beyond ignorance and neglect and some are just beyond lethargy. Temptation can be resisted, ignorance can be displaced by willful pursuance of knowledge and wisdom. Neglect can be exchanged for responsible activity and lethargy can be handled by self-government. There are many waiting for us to make the right choices to get beyond the hindrances that stand between us and the doors to success in advancing the Kingdom in this earth. (Sixth excerpt from Marty’s article “Doors and Self-Government”)


Going Through Doors For Others

There are doors of opportunity for the Kingdom to advance. As a result of that factor, there are doors of opportunity for us to go to a level we have never been to, to stand upon mountains we have never stood on. There are doors to take our children through, doors to lead the hungry and the hurting through. Many lost and distressed and hopeless people stand where they do because they see no way out. They cannot see doors of release because of the immediate press of needs and issues. But there are doors before us and when we go through them it is possible to lead many others through them. We are not going through doors just for ourselves but for others. It is similar to the principle Jesus spoke of when laying down His life: Jn.12:24 “I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains [just one grain; it never becomes more but lives] by itself alone. But if it dies, it produces many others and yields a rich harvest.” (Amplified) We must be willing to “lay down our lives” (Jn.10:15; 15:13), i.e., sacrifice to go through the doors of life and blessing for the benefit of that which is bigger than we are, namely, the Kingdom of God on earth. (Fifth excerpt from Marty’s article “Doors and Self-Government”)


Going Through Doors

May we not slam doors of opportunity that are open to us through our words and/or our actions (even if we did not intend those words or actions to walk thru doorbe detrimental). May we be open to approaching doors considering the possibility that we just might have to go through this one after adjusting our paradigms and preferences. May we not look back in several years and wish we had done something differently or wish we had been willing to “pay the price” to walk through that door. May we hear the voice of our LORD as we approach doors in the future and walk through them in the manner of His choosing within His timing.

“Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.”(Jn. 5:19, NKJV)


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