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Hopelessness Can Smother

KATHY— Days of Elijah were war torn times with fresh battles continually breaking out. Several days into the battle against lack and starvation, another battle broke out in the widow’s life.  Her son got sick and kept getting worse until finally he died.  The woman shouted at Elijah, “What have I done to you? I thought you were God’s prophet. Did you come here to cause the death of my son as a reminder that I’ve sinned against God?”  War has a way of bringing the struggles of a warrior’s heart to the surface.  Not only was she battling for survival and the life of her son, an old enemy showed up too.  Condemnation reared its ugly head and pushed the war torn woman to the edge of hopelessness, anguish and anger that had her shouting at the prophet.  Hopelessness can smother the fight in us and usually leads to a pit of self-examination and despair.  The widow went there and decided that losing her son was due to her past sins.  That thinking would have had her throwing up her hands and quitting . . . BUT GOD.

The Hand and the Veil

The hand of God is moving. Recently, as I was praying about all the predictions, estimations and concerns coming in over the internet I had a vision of a hand moving and very active. It was moving people from one location to another. It was moving money and buildings and equipment here and there. As I watched this busy hand I realized that a veil was beginning to form between the busy hand and myself. Finally I could not see anything the hand was doing. The Lord spoke to my heart that the reason so many of His people are losing heart is because their fears and despair have formed a curtain between them and what His hand is doing. His hand is still moving and working but we can’t see it because of what we have allowed in the forefront of our thoughts and considerations.

Weigh and Judge

We are in a time when there is a great need to weigh matters and judge words rather than just taking everything that we hear and zealously trying to get it to fit into our theology and our eschatology. There are even some folks who are willing to adjust their theology to get it to fit words coming from voices that are continually predicting near events even though many of them have not come to pass. Some of those people and their words are finding acceptance because of what seems to be widespread fear and despair. If someone is in fear or suspicion, they can find a word that will accommodate it. It is time to come to balance and one of the best ways to do that is to realize who God is in this hour. His throne is not and cannot be shaken. His plan has not changed nor has He throttled back on His purposes in this earth. 

Weight of Burdens

As the people of God assemble today may they experience the elation and joy of realizing that, in the moment of praise and hearing the Word of God, they have won battles over satan. May they experience the lifting of burdens and lifting of the weightiness of despair. Ps.68:19-20, The Passion Translation — “What a glorious God! He gives us salvation over and over, then daily he carries our burdens! Pause in his presence.  20  Our God is a mighty God who saves us over and over! For the Lord, Yahweh, rescues us from the ways of death many times.”