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Press Through

Martin P Gabler—We will make it through the coming weeks and months but we must press through. We won’t just have to press through national difficulties, political situations, various entities pushing their agendas. We are going to have to press through diversions, distractions, false flags and misinformation. We can’t believe everything we hear or everything we see coming across a TV screen or computer screen. We might be wise to ask ourselves, “What gives that person/persons credibility with us or credentials with us that they can tell us a certain thing and we’re supposed to just take it at face value?”. We are really needing the Holy Spirit and the principals of the Word of God to stand on to help us press through stuff that we are hearing and not operate out of fear. We must get out of operating in fear and get back on God’s Word (the Bible). Jesus said that there was one house built on a rock and there was one built on the sand. When storms, winds, waves assailed the house built on the sand, it was washed away. But, the house built on the rock was assailed by the same winds, the same storm yet, the house on the Rock stood against all the opposition and remained firm. It didn’t escape the storm and its effects but it survived. There is only one Rock in the Bible — JESUS.


God is doing such awesome things in this season in spite of the negative narrative. The Lord gave me a word last May toward the end of the month that we would be having to press through the summer. People have told me don’t ever give any more words like that! Yet, we pressed through the summer holding dearly to the Word of the Lord. But when the Lord gives a word like that it’s not like, “Oh no, how terrible, how negative. We’re going to have to go through some very unpleasant stuff that’s negative. I don’t know if we’re gonna make it.” No, that’s not what the word is about. The word is about going ahead and pressing on through because you have the power, you have the strength, you have the grace (the enablement) to press through and when you have pressed through you are pressing through unto… We press through unto… We press through to what God has for us and those whom He has for us to strengthen, encourage, equip and comfort.