Daily Devotions

The Clutter Dream

One common type of dream that many people have is a clutter dream.  This sort of dream clears out thought-clutter and gives you room to think, (like at times you have to clean your bedroom to be able to get to the bed to sleep!)  Pieces of things Dream Anxietyyou have seen or read or felt or heard or smelled or done or wondered about or talked about in the last three weeks are swept into one giant clutter pile in a dream.  So that night you have a really strange dream adventure like this:  you are the superhero star in the movie trailer you saw.  Then while you swing your sword of justice, you keep smelling the dog poop you stepped in on Tuesday, and you hear a grizzly bear behind you because you saw pictures of Alaska in a magazine.  Then, because you ran into a lady at the mall that reminded you of your Grandma, when you look around you discover it’s not a grizzly behind you.  It’s Grandma riding a reindeer!  That is a strange adventure dream with clutter gathered from everything that has crossed your awareness.  There is usually no important message in a clutter dream.  They simply clear out thought clutter to de-stress you, mind and body.  In fact, the Hebrew word for dream means “restore to health”.  So, a house-cleaning or de-cluttering dream is a valuable way to relieve stress and reset mentally. (Second excerpt from Kathy’s article “Realizing the Value of our Dreams”)

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