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The Salvation of a Nation or….

As long as there are a people who feel they have their “ticket stamped” to go to a “much better place,” there will be no reform of what they deem to be merely an exit platform (cf.Jn.20:21;Lk.9:2;Jn.16:7). If the departure platform is somewhat rickety, people will just try to stand still and hope the train out of there arrives soon. With such a view, no one CrowdFormCrossreforms or rebuilds the platform; they simply grip what is available to grip and hope to be off of it as soon as possible. The emphasis today upon the sudden coming of the Lord isn’t about Him, it is about us. The religious pundits pounding their pulpits exclaiming the quick return of our Lord are getting hearty (and well financed) “Amens!” in response to their promises of sudden escape from disappointments, rudely jostled comfort zones and nerve-racking prognostication. We have been taught by pop-theology to use faith for immediate relief, not long-term endurance, not long-term results (Heb.11:13 does not figure into Esau’s demands for immediate relief).  The Esau mindset of blowing off the coming generations and spending what you’ve got on relief for the present generation flies well in today’s skies. Joseph did not get immediate results (or relief) after his prophetic dream and prophetic pronouncement. He and Daniel and Esther were sent ahead to “preserve a posterity,” “continue a remnant” and “save lives.” (Gen.45:7 Amplified) Joseph stood and stood and took ground “until the Word of the Lord proved him” and he was not proven to guarantee him plenty of airtime and notoriety but for the survival of a nation (Ps.105:18). He was not dealt the luxurious right of faith for immediate relief or escape. But the result was the salvation of a nation and its being propelled into the future of its destiny for Jehovah’s purposes and Name’s sake.
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Occupy UNTIL

In recent days preachers, e-mailers and ministry newsletters have been proclaiming the near end of all things — that there is no more to come. One of the first signs of agreement is that some people even stop paying tithes and some missionaries have had to leave their posts of duty because certain sentiment dictates withdrawal of support. While certain sentiment has been the cause of withdrawing financial enablement, fear over unknown economic fallout of current events has also been a factor. One preacher spoke to a conference of leaders and proclaimed our need to prepare the next generation and our need to pour ourselves into that generation. The speaker that followed him got up and proclaimed that its all over with, we’re out of here and we each need to be ready to meet our Maker. The latter speaker received more response. There is a sudden rise in concern to see that everyone is ready to meet Jesus and that is, indeed, important. Yet it cannot be simplistically important at the expense of all else. People are not to be simply prepared to miss hell but to become a productive part of the Kingdom of God and a lively member fitly joined (in rank and order) to the Body of Christ (Eph 4:16). Jesus left us with the mandate of “occupying until” He returns (Lk 19:13). Strong tells us that “occupy” means to “busy oneself with”, “to trade”. Thayer says that “occupy” means “to carry on a business”. There is plenty of Father’s business yet to be done and when our Lord does return, He should find us slap dab in the middle of doing it with all the strength, passion and resources that we can muster to do it with. (Marty is speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017  Sept.22-24 at Grace Int. Church just north of Houston. 936-856-2455)  Info: DVP2017