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Old Enemies Infiltrating

KATHY—Beyond their worship of the false god Molech, the Ammonites were also known for their war practices being extremely violent. At one point, an Ammonite leader planned to gouge out the right eye of every Israelite as part of a treaty (1 Samuel 11:2).  Today’s parallel of their crippling violence is the new types of mobile technology that cripple the mind and pharmaceuticals and vaccines that disable nations. Scripture states that the Ammonites would rip open pregnant women in lands they had conquered (Amos 1:13). Is that not a parallel to abortion and destroying our children and their future?  Then just as the Ammonites and Moabites came against Israel intending to take their land that God had given them, America today is plagued with the same old enemies infiltrating communities, governments, businesses and media to dishonor our heritage and take the land God has given us. BUT, that is not the end of the story! While old enemies have not factored Almighty God into their plans, they cannot factor Him out!

The Molech Curse

KATHY—There is a  situation in 2Chronicles Chapter 20 that parallels our times in some meaningful ways and carries insight for us today.  The Ammonites and Moabites had a history with Israel.  In fact, they were perpetual enemies according to Deuteronomy 23, An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; nor their descendants forever, because they did not meet you with food and water on the way when you came forth out of Egypt, and because they hired Balaam to curse you.  You shall not seek their peace or their prosperity all your days forever. 

Ammon means “inbred” and Moab means “incest”.  They were the sons of Lot by his two daughters.  From immoral beginnings came a generation with tainted thinking and warped values that would reach into their generations to come.  As children they were sabotaged and that sabotage continued with the god they worshiped.  The Ammonites worshiped Molech, the pagan god of child sacrifice.  Molech’s statue was the bronze body of a man with the head of a bull, and within it was a furnace where they boiled children alive in the bowels of the statue.  It is hard to believe but this demonic force still has presence in today’s world!  Many Catholics were outraged when a giant statue of Molech was placed in the Colosseum in Rome, November 8, 2019.  Also in 2019, it was reported that the child trafficker (Eppstein) featured a statue resembling Molech on his island.  The statue of Molech was also part of an exhibit in the city of Carthage in 2020.  A Molech statue, though given a different name, is also now in Detroit. Giving place to this evil is one of many sickening evidences of old enemies at work in our world.