Daily Devotions

Old Enemies Infiltrating

KATHY—Beyond their worship of the false god Molech, the Ammonites were also known for their war practices being extremely violent. At one point, an Ammonite leader planned to gouge out the right eye of every Israelite as part of a treaty (1 Samuel 11:2).  Today’s parallel of their crippling violence is the new types of mobile technology that cripple the mind and pharmaceuticals and vaccines that disable nations. Scripture states that the Ammonites would rip open pregnant women in lands they had conquered (Amos 1:13). Is that not a parallel to abortion and destroying our children and their future?  Then just as the Ammonites and Moabites came against Israel intending to take their land that God had given them, America today is plagued with the same old enemies infiltrating communities, governments, businesses and media to dishonor our heritage and take the land God has given us. BUT, that is not the end of the story! While old enemies have not factored Almighty God into their plans, they cannot factor Him out!

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