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We Are It!

As the people of God assemble around the family table or the TV or the computer screen, may they know that they have not been left nor forsaken (Heb.13:5) but TagYou.pngtheir heavenly Father is drawing near to them as they are drawing near to Him (Js.4:8). May they go right straight through shutdowns and crisis knowing they are mandated and that for such a time as this, “they are it!”. The people of God have been gifted and appointed “for the saving of many” in this time of crisis — we are it (Gen.50:20; Jn.20:21). There will be purging of character (Ps.105:19) but out of it will come refined gold that will save a nation — no one else is coming — we are it. (Compare Ps.105:37, 44-45) Joseph and Moses and Jesus and Holy Spirit have already come — now it’s our turn to apply what they brought us: example and covenant and power and the authority to use it.

The First “Adam” Bomb

bomb explosionAdam’s failure to take dominion over that serpent, creeping creature, was a disobedience that caused a direct disconnect in relationship with the Father Creator, and it caused a breach in Adam and Eve’s domain.  That whisper from the tongue of that creeper, opened a can of stink and his bad breath filled the garden.  It opened the earth to a realm of opposition and contradiction to heaven’s order. This first “ADAM-BOMB” mushroomed over the garden and Adam and Eve were smothering in the smell of failure; so they hid and became fugitives in fig leaves.

(This is the fifth excerpt from Kathy’s SEEC Magazine article “Advancing The Kingdom Through Dominion.” Excerpts will appear on this page Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.)


“Advancing The Kingdom” — Kathy’s message from the SEEC
Kingdom Conference 2014 (52 min.)
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From The Unseen Into The Seen

The Creator’s desire to extend the authority and rule of heaven into the earth is plainly seen in Gen.1:26-27. It is His purpose to move His power and authority from the unseen into the seen. Our power and authority in the earthly realm is to mirror His in the heavenly realm(Jn14:9). Hence, the glory, the character, the purpose, the intent of God is revealed in the earth. God’s relationship with the earth is expressed thru His sons. His sons are the only legal authority on earth and may, therefore, be the avenue for His power manifested here-His power and authority made visible(Lk5:17). When He sent His Son Jesus, He was saying, “See, this is what I mean.” (Jn1:14;1Jn3:8)